Kevin Schmidt: Seniors are hurting thanks to LaToya Greenwoods’ radical policies

Kevin Schmidt, Candidate for State Representative in the 114th District has released a statement on the impact the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act is having on seniors.

“Senior citizens on fixed incomes are looking at a difficult choice this winter thanks to the radical policies of my opponent, LaToya Greenwood. She voted for the Clean and Equitable Jobs Act, which is directly responsible for a shortage of available power in Illinois. The end result is it is costing more for Illinois residents to access the power they need. Electric bills have doubled for many residents throughout the 114th District and the prices are only going up – not down. Seniors on fixed incomes may have to choose between groceries and electricity this winter because LaToya put her radical, environmental agenda ahead of the seniors in her district. We cannot shut down power plants when we have no alternatives in place. The end result of her vote was always a matter of how high energy costs would get – not if the costs would go up. For the sake of our seniors and working families, we need to repeal the CEJA legislation and make energy in Illinois accessible and affordable once again.”– Kevin Schmidt, Candidate for State Representative in the 114th District.