Kevin Schmidt: Accountability needed in education spending

Kevin Schmidt, Candidate for State Representative in the 114th District has released a statement on the need for outcomes to match level of education spending.

“There seems to be a belief in Springfield that all we have to do to improve education is spend more money, but this approach is not working. Nearly $30,000 is spent per pupil in the Chicago Public Schools but the student grades and attendance in the City are plummeting. We can all agree spending money on education is extremely important, but we should not be spending money simply for the sake of spending money. We need accountability for how these dollars are being spent and ensure that the outcomes are commiserate with taxpayers’ investment in education. Unlike my opponent, LaToya Greenwood, who is not even asking questions about how our tax dollars are spent, I will demand accountability. We cannot afford to continue to pour money into our schools without ensuring better outcomes.”– Kevin Schmidt, Candidate for State Representative in the 114th District.