As the voice for the 114th District in Springfield, I have consistently stood up to special interests and put the needs of this district first.

The high cost of inflation is hurting our district. This is why I introduced a measure (HB1219) to allow seniors to deduct their Medicaid premiums from their income assessment for their property tax exemptions.

I also stood up for communities such as Washington Park and Cahokia Heights by fighting to get the funding promised to these communities. A promise is a promise, and the state needs to keep the commitments made to these communities.

In addition, I am fighting for fiscal responsibility in Springfield. I voted against the Governor’s bloated $50.4 billion budget because it included pay raises for legislators and hundreds of millions of dollars for people in our state illegally. When Washington Park can’t get the money the community needs to build a new community – how can we justify investing hundreds of millions of dollars into programs for people who legally cannot be in this country?

It is absurd.

My focus is serving the people of the 114th District. I am donating my pay raise to local charities to help people in need right here in our own backyard. The people of the 114th District entrusted me to represent them, and I take that job seriously

Growing the economy in the 114th District…

Rep. Kevin Schmidt is standing up to bring jobs and opportunities by pushing for measures to:

Supporting Illinois Veterans…

Rep. Kevin Schmidt is committed to helping Illinois veterans. Last Spring, he pushed legislation to:

Protecting our communities…

Rep. Kevin Schmidt is a strong supporter of local law enforcement. Last spring, he co-sponsored legislation to:

Representative Kevin Schmidt is the clear choice for the 114th District!