As a candidate for State Representative, I will always oppose dangerous legislation and unbalanced budgets.

LaToya Greenwood can take care of voters who need it AND pass a reasonable, balanced budget, but simply chooses not to do so. My opponent continues to support Illinois Democrats’ budget deficits, tax hikes, and irresponsible spending.

She can also support good legislation to support law enforcement and victims in our communities, but, again, she simply chooses not to do so. If we don’t use our voices and votes now, Illinois will be a less safe state come January 1st with the SAFE-T Act beginning, a bill for which Greenwood voted “YES!.”

Voters can’t be fooled this election; we must win in the 114th State House district, we must fire JB Pritzker, and if you send me to Springfield, I’ll fight for safer communities and a balanced budget. As a lifelong, local conservative, and as a successful small business owner and doctor for 16 years, I will bring my patient-first mindset to Springfield so we can reduce costs and taxes for hard-working Illinoisans.

With your support I will: